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  1. Fooch the MC has been tearing up the scene lately.  In December last year he released the hit laden ‘Rhythm & Barz” and was selected as DJK Yung’s artist of the month in February.  His band, Purple Asteroid Cadillac finished recording their debut album Take Shape in December and is set to release worldwide in April.  A month ago Fooch hit his home streets on the south side of Chicago.  Wit his homeboy Naledge, of Kidz in the Hall fame the two recorded a single that afternoon.  That kicked off his New Music Mondays project he has planned to keep the fans anticipating the PAC release leading up to his own.  This weekend he was interviewed in WWS mag and he decided to leak a song of his album, Quiet Noise. check out how he does it:  http://wwsmag.com/updates/fooch-the-mc-poisoned-pancakes/

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